As a California native, Stacey Alyson has always been inspired and connected to the ocean and earth. We wanted to intertwine that love for the sea with her passion for hair and makeup. We did this by creating mascara brush elements that resemble waves, as well as curating a color palette inspired by a beautiful Southern California sunset, combining dusty neutrals with wild blues. Stacey's work ranges from natural beauty to full glam, so we chose a script font that is representative of her versatile portfolio. 

The Inspiration

The Color Palette

The Branding Board

"Kaylyn created the most elegant and beautiful designs that I honestly was struggling to choose because they all met my vision and were beyond my expectations. I can not wait to share what she has done! If you were like me, and had no clue if branding is even a thing you should consider, I promises you, you need to! Your small business or company will go from basic to immaculate with Pirouette Paper! Not only visually, but I have had clients flooding in since she vamped me up. Love, love, LOVE her and can't rave enough about her talent, vision, patience in working with me, and kickass work ethic! Thank you again, Pirouette Paper!"


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