Wedding-day details and signage for a cohesive expression of your once-in-a-lifetime love story.

A foam core unplugged ceremony sign for a summer garden wedding

Cohesive menus to carry the design throughout the event

An acrylic bar menu, painted with gold paint in one of our signature calligraphy fonts

A show-stopping, hand-calligraphed sea salt shot glass escort card display

Our signature messy circle monogram design on an acrylic cake topper

Matching Sugarfina favor boxes with their monogram and date

An elegant bar menu with white vinyl and black acrylic

A hand-written seating chart display on clear acrylic

Custom cocktail napkins with matte grey foil on white napkins

Wedding programs for their ceremony with their custom monogram

Dog favor treat bags for guests to take home to their furry friends

Gorgeous marble table numbers with grey vinyl





What is "Day-Of"?

Welcome sign
Unplugged ceremony sign
Directional signage
Bar, appetizer, or dessert menu signs
Hashtag, cards + gifts, and guestbook signs
Lounge signage (cigar bar, etc.)
Other signage


Escort cards OR seating chart
Place cards


Table numbers
Cake toppers
Cocktail or bathroom napkins
Match boxes (for cigar bars)
Thank you cards
Other custom details


Day-of details are practical and/or decorative elements that continue to tell your love story and reflect your wedding themes. Here are some examples!


“Kaylyn was an absolute delight to work with. I am a perfectionist, and was worried about how the design process would work for all of our day-of wedding pieces. Her professionalism, creativity, and expertise made the entire process SO easy and enjoyable. She listened to exactly what I wanted, and designed STUNNING pieces for our ceremony and reception, and also that we will cherish forever. She is the sweetest person ever, and I am so grateful for her attention to detail and pure talent! Will definitely be hiring Kaylyn for any future calligraphy/ stationery needs!”

Paige + Michael

“Where do I even begin? Kaylyn worked with us on our invitations as well of our seating chart, welcome sign, and table numbers. She was such a dream to work with from the start. She is so sweet, attentive to detail, and really cares about her clients. She was so easy to get in contact with and the entire design process was incredibly easy. I got so many compliments on our invite suite...they really were absolutely beautiful and romantic. As for our day of pieces, I had a very specific vision and she completely brought that to life. I love our pieces so much that I plan on framing them to display. WORK WITH KAYLYN! You will not regret it.”

Alessandra + Andrew

“We worked with Kaylyn to design our wedding invitations, and could not be happier with the result!! Kaylyn was able to design invitations that perfectly matched my vision and was always so kind and prompt with communications. We are in Chicago so worked with Kaylyn solely through email and phone calls, but had absolutely zero issues. Despite being across the county, Kaylyn made my invitation design and print process one of the easiest parts of my wedding planning. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for beautiful and unique details for their wedding day (or any event!). Thank you so much Kaylyn!”

Megan + Andrew

“Kaylyn is truly amazing and so talented at what she does. She was one of the nicest, most professional and easy going vendors I worked with. We used her for invitations, itineraries, programs, place cards and signs at the wedding, and I am so happy the way all of it turned out. Being a first time bride, I was unsure of what colors, prints, and styles to use for our wedding, and Kaylyn really took the time to talk with me and guide me through what would look good. She went above and beyond in providing the best service to me. She was always available and prompt when answering my questions and was so timely with delivery as well. Her work is amazing - I love her calligraphy, design and style, and she is very affordable as well. Everything we ordered through her turned out so well, and I am so thankful for all the time, effort and support she gave to me during our time in working together. I highly recommend her!!”

Stacy + Rory

“Honestly the best stationer you can go with! Kaylyn does it all from invites, mirrors, stickers, monogram signs, candy bags, anything and everything! I was sooo happy that we went with Kaylyn for our wedding. She made it so easy and stress free throughout the whole process! Kaylyn offers so many options for absolutely everything she does and she is able to tailor to exactly what you want (which I love)!”

Sarah + Mitchell

“Kaylyn is the absolute best!! She has a modern aesthetic and a feminine touch and is so patient and accommodating and helpful! I had no idea how many options were out there in regards to invitation suites and paper choices and Kaylyn was always there with helpful suggestions and proof adjustments. The quality of her products are amazing and she is quick to turn around any proofs. 10 out of 10 would recommend her for ALL wedding stationery needs!!”

Kylie + Roland

Menus and programs are typically digitally printed and in the 5"x7" or 4"x9" sizes. Neither are necessary, but provide extra information to your guests. Many choose to do a "thank you" at the bottom or in place of a menu card.


Table numbers can be numbers, or named after something special like travel destinations, favorite bands, or cities. Material options include cardstock, foam core, mirror, marble, acrylic and more. 


Most cake toppers through our studio are either laser cut or on a round piece of acrylic. These can be monograms, initials, phrases, silhouettes, and more. One small detail that is extra special and custom!


A crowd favorite! Napkins, cups, and match boxes are such a fun addition to cocktail hour, dessert bars, and any other station that enhances the guest experience and can all be personalized to you.


Click to view the color options

Favors are definitely not necessary, but can be a special touch for your guests. Popular options include small candles, candies, or even having their place card written on a fun material such as a sea salt shot glass!


Escort cards are in place of a seating chart and let guests know which table to be seated at. These are individual items typically with guest first and last names, and table number. Material options are a chance to get creative!


Seating charts are one display, as opposed to individual escort cards, that also let guests know which table to be seated at. You can have either a seating chart OR escort card display. Seating charts can be on a variety of materials and are another great chance to get creative!


Once the guest arrives at the correct table, a place card lets them know which seat has been assigned to them. These are only necessary if you have a plated meal as you will need a meal indicator, otherwise it is not required. Typically just the guest first names are written on the place card whereas the escort card is more formal.


Welcome signs are there to let your guests know they are in the correct space and to greet them! Unplugged signs are to kindly let guests know to keep their devices away during the ceremony. Both are not necessary for every event, but recommended for larger weddings.


Bar menus are so much fun, even if you don't have a lot of information. They can be quotes or lyrics, menus, watercolor signature drinks, big displays, or simply printed cardstock; options are limitless!


Guestbook signs, cards & gifts signs, photobooth or hashtag signs, and all of those smaller ancillary signs are just as important as the big ones! Evaluate your space and see what you may need for your event.


The options are truly endless! From custom candles to laser cut signage, custom cornhole to bridal party gifts - let's see what we can create for you that is unique and will make your guests say "wow"!


Design Options

Production + Logistics

The Process

For day-of, we recommend getting in touch with us at least 2-3 months before the event so we can evaluate your needs and create a design and production timeline. Napkins, cups, and match boxes take additional time and require an additional 2 weeks for production.


We send online invoices and accept payment via credit or debit card through those invoices. We also accept cash for local clients, or a check can be mailed. Please confirm the mailing address with us before sending a check. A 50% non-refundable retainer is due before we start designing and the balance is due at time of design approval. 

How do you accept payment? 

A series of four online proofs are included with each day-of order. These show digital mockups of the designs for you to approve before getting sent to print or production. Each proof includes a timeline at the top with deadlines for feedback and when you can expect the next proof. Once your designs are approved and the balance of the invoice is paid, we will confirm our timeline and that we are ready to send to print! 

How does proofing work? 

As stated in the contract and on each invoice, we cannot reduce quantities once your retainer payment has been made. However, we can increase the quantities before sending to pint or production, so always start with the minimum quantity and add any if needed.

What if my quantities change?

We can print anything on napkins! Options for foil or digitally printed napkins are available and designs that work best with napkins are monograms, short quotes, and simplistic illustrations.

What can you print on napkins? 

Programs are typically there to give your guests a guide as to what to expect through the ceremony, and let them know any other day-of information. Some popular options for program verbiage are an outline of the ceremony, ceremony readings, a list of the wedding party, a “thank you” note, a remembrance section, illustrations or an illustrated timeline, or a favorite quotes, verses, or lyrics. 

What do you put on a program? 

You can start with a header; either a title, your names and date, a monogram, a wax seal, the guest name, etc. and then dive into the verbiage. Depending on your specific menu and logistics of your dinner, the verbiage will be written differently (and we’ll help you with this!). 

What goes on my menu?

This depends on your aesthetic preference. Alphabetical seating charts can be awkward with a smaller guest count and are typically not as symmetrical, but they do help the guests find their names faster. We definitely recommend this for seating charts with over 150 names. Listing them by table can be more symmetrical with even numbers under each table, but can take longer for guests to find their names. 

Should I do an alphabetical seating chart or one by table?

There are so many ways! Most commonly are small dots or a letter, but we can also get creative with different shapes and color combinations.

How can I indicate meal choices on a place card?

Yes we can! If you are local to Napa, you can drop it off to us (close to downtown), or you can ship the item(s) directly to me. Depending on the size and material, we can chat about options with local pickup or delivery, or shipping back to you. Popular options of provided materials are mirrors, tiles, chalkboards, tags, small pots or vessels, and floating frames.

Can you write on something I find?

If you are not local to Napa, there are a few options depending on the job. There may be printing or material options that can work better logistically we can chat about, we can chat about shipping options, or we can refer you to someone local and get the job set up through them. We’ll do our best to make it work with you! 

How do bigger calligraphy jobs work if I’m not local to Napa? 

The easiest day-of pieces to ship are menus, programs, place cards, escort cards, favor tags, stickers, table numbers, cake toppers, bar menus, napkins, match boxes, signs smaller than 8”x10”, and any other smaller or flat item. Larger signage or bulkier items such as candles, cups, and signage over 11”x14” can require additional shipping charges. In some cases, we can send larger signs to a print at a shop local to you for pickup, to save on shipping costs for large printed items. Let’s chat about your needs and see what the best option will be for you! 

What can you ship?

Absolutely! We are located in Napa, California and are available for local on-site jobs such as seating chart calligraphy or live calligraphy. Please inquire with the details of what you need to get a quote and we’ll be happy to assist! 

Are you available for on-site calligraphy?

Frequently Asked Questions

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