We specialize in highly customized branding and design, stationery and details for weddings & events, and watercolor and illustration artwork.


A full-service creative art & design studio based out of Napa and Los Angeles, CA.

We value intentionality, authenticity, & inclusivity above all else.


We’re Kaylyn (she/her) and Kaitlin (she/her), the artists behind Pirouette Paper! We met over a decade ago, and have shared everything from hobbies, jobs, an apartment, and many, many seasons of various TV shows. Kaylyn started Pirouette out of our apartment in 2015, and eventually Kaitlin joined in 2021 as a co-owner, adding touches of fine art to our custom designs.

Originally, our love of freshly-baked cookies and Olivia Benson brought us together, but now our desire to create meaningful things for others has made us a soul-sister-like team.


While the world is an overwhelming place for so many, we want to provide a space where you feel safe and cared for. No matter your race, country of origin, neurodivergence, sexual orientation, or gender identity, our goal is to find what makes you you and provide a process that is full of warmth, openness, and fun.

All are welcome here.


Kaylyn lives in Napa with her husband and the office pups! She thrives on ice water, ice cream cones, music, & connection. As someone who has realized that the world was not built for brains like hers (she has ADHD), she is dedicated to constantly learning about how she can embrace and normalize all kinds of neurodiversity, while supporting people who share her struggle. Her curiosity about everything from brain chemicals to jellyfish (thanks Dad Ward & the Ologies podcast!) makes her a great and unique designer - she is not after the “next best thing”, she is here to learn about her clients and make something that will make them happy.


about  kaylyn

Kaitlin lives in sunny Los Angeles with her partner, loves Old Fashioneds, hates windy days, and wishes she could teleport anywhere because traveling gives her anxiety (she still travels, just anxiously). A lover of stories, Kaitlin once thought she’d be a writer, and after graduating from UCLA with a degree in English in March 2020 (yikes), she started to use her therapeutic hobby of painting to simultaneously sooth her anxiety and make a little extra cash. She cares deeply about people, seeks to find beauty in the mundane, and loves when women build up other women.


about  kaitlin

We have two adorable office puppies who keep us company while we work! Grayson (named after Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing) is our fierce protector, while Olive (named after Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow) is the silliest and sweetest girl we know. Both of them love cuddles, Grayson’s beloved owl toy, and stealing bones from one another.


office puppies

We are proudly powered by our emotions and channel our defined vibes through music. If you want to experience our moods in music form, check out our Spotify playlists!



As straight white women who were born & raised in California, we acknowledge that we have an immense amount of inherent privilege. We are continually striving to unlearn conditioned behaviors, and educate ourselves about what we can do to support others effectively.

While our self-imposed goals are to make a living & bring people joy with our talents, we feel it is our purpose to leave this world just a little bit better than we found it, and invite you to do the same (:


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