Born and raised in San Diego, Kaylyn moved to Orange County to attend school at Chapman University. While in school, she worked at Disneyland and met her husband, Jimmy, there! After living in Orange County for seven years, Jimmy got a dream job offer and they moved to Napa in fall of 2019. She works from her home office in Napa and couldn't be more grateful to live in such a beautiful place. 


Kaylyn grew up doing ballet for fifteen years before finding a passion for baking. She had dreams of opening "Pirouette Bakery", but a diagnosis of a gluten allergy made it difficult for her to keep that passion for baking alive at the time. When she found her new passion for calligraphy five years later, she knew she had to bring the name back! Kaylyn still loves to bake gluten free goodies in her spare time!


Pirouette Paper started in 2015 after a love for modern calligraphy was sparked after a calligraphy class that was supposed to be a "just-for-fun" activity with a friend.After months and months of practicing, Kaylyn began mastering her craft and started Pirouette Paper in 2016. Since then, she has expanded her services to include a wide variety of design offerings including calligraphy, design, stationery and more.


Our mission is to create quality designs and product, leading with intention and mindfulness. We aim to give you the best possible product we can produce, making sure your unique story and details shine through and that you are absolutely in love with what we create for you.

We provide a variety of services including invitations, stationery, wedding and event paper goods, signage, wholesale and custom product design, brand design, creative consulting, and more. Bringing joy and inspiring creativity through paper and ink is what we love to do most!

About Pirouette Paper

Hi! I'm Kaylyn! I’ve been making cards for people and doodling with letters ever since I can remember. I took a calligraphy class just for fun while in college and fell in love with modern calligraphy, knowing somehow I had to make a career out of it. I started Pirouette Paper after leaving my Disneyland princess crown behind, and now I find so much joy in creating beautiful things for all kinds of events and occasions.

My favorite thing about working with our clients is getting to know them and their story, and designing with those unique elements in mind. I love being able to weave those details into the design to bring not only beauty, but also meaning, into each project. 

I met Kaitlin while working at Disneyland and she was there with me when I started Pirouette from my bedroom of the apartment we shared. She recently came on as a co-owner of the company as her artistic talent and overall contributions are unparalleled. We absolutely love creating beautiful things together! Our goal is to bring joy, inspiration, and a lot of pretty things for anyone who finds our little corner of the world. So, welcome! Thanks for being here and we're excited to see how we can serve you.

Owner & Head Designer


Meet the Team

I'm Kaitlin, the co-owner and lead artist here at Pirouette Paper! I have been painting since I was a kid when I took art classes at a studio for 8 years! I always knew I wanted to do something creative, I just didn't always know what that would look like. In 2010 I started working at Disneyland, and a couple years later I met Kaylyn! We were roommates for a while (I was there when she first started Pirouette in her bedroom!), so we have a bond like no other. After leaving my princess crown behind and graduating from UCLA with my degree in English in 2020 (what a year to graduate, right?!), I started doing little projects for Kaylyn. Now, I'm part of the company! Which makes me so happy!

I live in LA with my partner James, who is also an artist and writer. We love to travel together, sit at home together, and try different kinds of whiskeys together. I make him listen to true crime podcasts with me, and he makes me weird (and useful!) things out of what most people would call trash. We're a fun pair!

What I love most about my job is that I'm able to make beautiful things for people to enjoy. I love being able to connect with clients on their projects and help bring their vision to life! I hope that my art makes you smile! The world can be a hard place, but things like art make everything worth it. 

Co-Owner, & Lead Artist


Hi! My name is Donna and I am the Production Assistant for Pirouette Paper. I have lived in Napa for 30 years. I met my husband here and we raised our two daughters in the lovely Napa Valley. I was a court reporter for many years and sold my business back in 2017. I was just beginning to enjoy retirement when I came across Pirouette Paper's ad for a Production Assistant - and here I am! It is truly a dream job for me, as I love working with anything related to stationery, invitations, parties and weddings!

I took up calligraphy as a hobby about five years ago and you can see some of my work at @napavalleylettering on Instagram. I have taken many classes, from Brush Lettering Calligraphy to Copperplate Calligraphy. Once I got the hang of Copperplate Calligraphy - I really found my niche! I still try to keep my hand in it when I'm not too busy.  

I love working for Pirouette Paper as every day is something different. I'm always learning something new and, as corny as it sounds, I Love My Job!!!

And the perks of the job... I have two buddies: Grayson & Olive! 

Production Assistant


All images by Olivia Marshall Photography

This is Grayson, our

This is Olive, our
big-but-shy Native Indigenous Shepherd

Aside from my passion for creativity, my husband and I have two dogs that we are just *slightly* obsessed with. 

Grayson is our little one, who is the sweetest co-worker and the protector of the house. Olive is our big puppy, who is scared to go anywhere outside but will cuddle next to you all day at home.

They are the funniest pair, constantly making us laugh and being great entertainment to us and each other. We call them our superheroes because of how much happiness they bring us, and because they were named after Nightwing and Green Arrow. I am a DC Comic nerd if you couldn't tell!


The Office Pups

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