Last-Minute Gift Ideas

We know that holiday shopping can be stressful. Do you put off shopping until the very last minute because you dread heading to the mall? We get it! Totally been there. So if you’re looking for some last-minute gift ideas, we’ve got you covered! No stress!

Greeting Card Set

We always have a “4th card free” automatic discount (this applies when you get 8+ cards, too!), so getting a custom-selected set of stationery is a super easy gift! Choose what cards fit their personality best, and we’ll put them in a nice box and ship within 1-2 business days. We believe in picking the cards that you’ll actually want to use, so we know you’ll find the perfect set in our shop! We can even package it as a gift and send them directly to your recipient! Check out our greeting cards here!

Gift Card

Let them choose what they want! We love being able to choose our own gifts, so sometimes a gift card is the way to go! You might be thinking, “well a gift card is so impersonal!” That might be true if it were to a department store! But choosing to get them a gift card from a small business means you know what style they like and what things they might be interested in getting. It’s a great last-minute gift! Check out our gift cards here!

Dry Farm Wines Subscription + Our Wine Stickers & Cards

Being based in Napa, we are big wine-drinkers (you probably know this by now), so get them a wine subscription to somewhere like Dry Farm Wines! To give them more than just an email, get our red wines sticker and one of our wine cards to present the gift in! Check out our Tipsy Greeting Card Set & our Red Wines Sticker here!

Don’t mind if something shows up a little after Christmas? Check out our favorite cozy sweaters! We hope these last-minute gift ideas helped you out! Let us know in the comments!

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December 10, 2021