Favorite Family Holiday Games

We are so excited that we’re able to see our families this year for the holidays! Even though it’ll be a smaller gathering than normal, we can’t wait to hug and spend time with our loved ones. And spending time with family means we’ll get to play some games! We have a few we play every year, so we thought we’d share our favorite family holiday games with you! Even if you don’t get to see your family in person this year, these are games you can play over Zoom!

Saran Wrap Game

This one is SO MUCH FUN. It’s a new tradition in our family Christmas parties from the past few years. Even our 85 year-old grandma says that this is her favorite thing we do at our annual Christmas Eve party!

What you need:

  1. Small gifts (the flatter the better!). We typically use an assortment of stickers, gift cards, socks, candy, and sometimes just straight cash. At the center of the saran wrap ball is the best gift – we typically do a mini champagne bottle since all of us are over 21! You want to pick gifts that are age-appropriate for everyone, because you never know who will unwrap what.
  2. A few rolls of saran wrap.
  3. Two dice.

How to play:

  1. Before you play, you need to wrap the gifts. Wrap the middle gift (usually a champagne bottle) in saran wrap a few times. Add in some other gifts and wrap. Repeat! Every few layers, add in a new prize. We suggest the stickers from our shop for some great prizes! Pro tip: We like to make it a little harder for our group by doing smaller pieces of wrap mixed with some longer ones.
  2. Now that you have your saran wrap ball ready, have everyone sit in a circle. The youngest person starts and is given the saran wrap ball. The person to their left is given the dice. The game starts once the youngest person starts unwrapping the ball and the person with the dice rolls. They keep rolling until they get doubles. The dice roller will yell “doubles!”, and the saran wrap ball person has to stop and pass them the ball. They pass the dice to their left and the game continues.
  3. The prizes get better the closer you get to the center. You get to keep any prizes that fall out as you unwrap! It’s fun cause you can see what’s coming up and have no idea how long you’ll have for your turn!
  4. It gets loud, so be prepared for that!

Christmas Mad Libs

We love this one because there is no prep; simply download the mad libs and fill in the adjectives to make it a fun and interactive party activity! We did this one on Zoom last year since we couldn’t be together and added in some personal family twists to the story to make it extra funny. Download our Christmas Madlibs Here!

Holiday Charades

Also a fun one that requires no materials or prep. Download our Christmas Charade Prompts, ready to print at home, for a hilarious family-friendly game of charades!

What do you think of our favorite family holiday games? We hope you love them as much as we do! Which one are you going to try this year?

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November 30, 2021