Winter Wedding Inspiration

You might think spring and summer weddings are all the rage, but winter weddings are on another level. (Fun fact: my mom (Kaitlin here), wanted a winter wedding SO BAD but she got married in July and just decorated like it was winter – bridesmaids were in dark green velvet and everything, haha!). Anyway, winter weddings might be chillier, but they are not any less romantic. In fact, they often have a more intimate feel because of the warmth and coziness that are added to them! We’re here to turn you into a winter wedding believer with some of our favorite winter wedding inspiration!

Pops of Black

Look, there’s a reason why black is always on trend. It’s chic, classic, modern, and moody all at once. It has an elegant feel that elevates any event! Plus, the darker color fits right in with the winter season.

A Warm Glow

One of the most magical parts about winter is that it brings a warm glow to everything! We think of being curled up by warm fires, candlelit rooms, and the warm glow of Christmas lights on our trees. Add a touch of that coziness to make your wedding feel welcoming and intimate! If you want to see more examples of this warm glow, check out Colleen + Jules’ wedding!

Elegant Calligraphy

Something about winter makes us feel a little more elevated in our style. Summer and spring have a fun, whimsical vibe to them, but winter has a classy, timeless feel! Elevate your invites and day-of pieces with elegant calligraphy.

Cozy Outerwear

We’re in California, so our winters are pretty mild, but we know that a winter wedding anywhere else means cold evenings! Stay cozy with some outwear that adds a little bit of personality to your wedding look! Layers are key!

Enchanting Details

Your winter wedding is sure to feel like a little magical wonderland with these details! Add some cool, muted colors to your decor for a soft feel. If it’s really cold outside, offer blankets to your guests! They’ll appreciate them so much!

What do you think of this winter wedding inspiration? We hope it helped you with planning your own wedding! Leave a comment to let us know your favorite part of winter weddings!

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November 14, 2021