Our 5 Favorite Cozy Sweaters

Ah, it’s finally feeling like fall over here in California, and we are SO grateful for that! We can’t wait to curl up in some in something cozy. Want to see our 5 favorite cozy sweaters? These are not only perfect for you, but as a gift for the holidays! Keep reading!

I Watch A Lot Of…

We do watch a lot of baking shows (especially Kaylyn, she’s the baking show queen!). This has been one of our favorite sweatshirts since we designed it. Kaylyn has one and wears it ALL the time! If you’re more like Kaitlin, check out the I Watch A Lot of True Crime sweater. If medical dramas are really more your thing, you’ll love our I Watch A Lot of Medical Dramas one! They’re all super cute and comfy.

For Spooky Season!

This David Pumpkins sweater is perfect for spooky season! Just the right amount of spooky and hilarious. We have more spooky sweatshirts to shop, too. Kaitlin’s personal fav is the Freakin’ Bats Sweatshirt, but we also have a Cute Ghost Cropped Sweater, and an I Put A Spell On You Cropped Sweater! So many fun Halloween sweaters!

Dog Mom

We love this Dog Mom sweater! It has a cute cropped fit, and is SUPER comfy! Another staple in our closet. If you’re a dog dad, check out our Dog Dad Pullover!

For the Book Lover

If you’re a book lover like Kaitlin, you’ll love our Blooming Book design! Love this design but want something different? Check out the cropped version!

And finally… for when you’re ready for a glass of wine!

Being based in Napa, we love a nice glass of wine! If you’re a wine-lover like us, you’ll love this Red Wine Pullover! Be sure to also take a look at the rest of our red wine collection.

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October 19, 2021