Best Gifts for Small Business Owners

Being a small business ourselves, we have a ton of small business owner friends! Starting your own business is becoming a more common career route, and we love that! Supporting small businesses is not only good for the small business (we literally could die of excitement when someone buys something we made), but it’s good for the customer, too! You get a more personalized experience with a small business. Want to show a small business owner in your life some love? We’ve made a list of the Best Gifts for Small Business Owners!

You Inspire Me Greeting Card 

Sometimes words mean more than a gift, especially for those Words of Affirmation friends. This greeting card is blank on the inside so that you can write down all of your love and appreciation! This is a great way to show support to your small business owner friend, or to thank a small business owner that you have worked with! Think wedding planners, photographers, florists, etc. We love getting (and sending!) greeting cards SO much, so we know other small business owners would cherish a sweet note!

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Shoot Film Canvas Tote Bag

We are so excited about the film revival – the photos are just so dreamy and creamy and gorgeous. Grab this bag for your photographer friend for their birthday, christmas, or as a thank you for shooting your wedding! They’ll love it because they can put a ton of things in it (which will come in handy when they’re lugging around rolls of film!)

Editing Fuel Enamel Mug

Spending hours and hours editing is part of the job when it comes to so many small businesses! Especially photographers, artists, writers, or stationers! This super cute enamel mug is perfect for any sort of editor in your life. Help them stay caffeinated with this super cute mug! Trust us, it’ll come in handy for them.

Wedding Planner Tote Bag

Wedding planners are some of our favorite people. We work with them all the time, and we feel so lucky to be able to know so many amazingly talented people! Wedding planners almost always have a million things to carry (binders, contracts, samples, etc), and this tote bag is the perfect way to keep everything in one place! This is a great “thank you” gift for your wedding planner, or the perfect gift for your wedding planner friends! Or yourself. We won’t tell. 

Small Business Owner Crop Tee

We are proud of being small business owners ourselves, so we love the idea of a cute crop tee that we can wear while working, talking to our followers in our Instagram Stories, or while out running errands! This minimal design gives it a classy feel. 

Small Business Owner Notebook

Small business owners have a million things to keep organized, so help them out by gifting this super cute notebook! It has a dotted grid pattern, so it’s perfect for bullet journaling. You can also use it as a planner, a place for all your notes, or where you keep design sketches! It’s versatile, and we small business owners love versatility – it’s important when things are fast-paced and constantly changing!

Small Business Owner Crop Sweatshirt

Using the same design from the crop tee, this Small Business Owner Crop Sweatshirt is such a cute gift. The trendy cut makes it stylish while not being too short, and the minimal design makes it feel modern and chic! We have one of these sweatshirts, and we wear it ALL the time. It’s so comfortable and soft! It will be a hit of a gift, we promise.

Thanks for checking out our list of best gifts for small business owners! We hope this helped you get some ideas for the holidays! All of these pieces can be purchased from our shop! Check it out and let us know what you think. 

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September 9, 2021