What are Day-of Wedding Items?

You probably already know that here at Pirouette Paper we design wedding invitations, but did you know that we also design day-of wedding items? These are some of our favorite things to design, because we get to work with you and create something super unique for your big day! But what are day-of wedding items?  Well, we’re here to give you the scoop on everything this includes! 

Day-of details are practical and/or decorative elements that continue to tell your love story and reflect your wedding themes. Here are some examples!

Menus + Programs

Menus and programs are typically digitally printed and in the 5″x7″ or 4″x9″ sizes. Neither are necessary, but provide extra information to your guests. Many choose to do a “thank you” at the bottom or in place of a menu card.

Table numbers

Table numbers can be numbers, or named after something special like travel destinations, favorite bands, or cities. Material options include cardstock, foam core, mirror, marble, acrylic and more. 

Cake toppers

Most cake toppers through our studio are either laser cut or on a round piece of acrylic. These can be monograms, initials, phrases, silhouettes, and more. One small detail that is extra special and custom!

Custom napkins + cups

A crowd favorite! Napkins, cups, and match boxes are such a fun addition to cocktail hour, dessert bars, and any other station that enhances the guest experience and can all be personalized to you.


Favors are definitely not necessary, but can be a special touch for your guests. Popular options include small candles, candies, or even having their place card written on a fun material such as a sea salt shot glass!

Escort cards

Escort cards are in place of a seating chart and let guests know which table to be seated at. These are individual items typically with guest first and last names, and table number. Material options are a chance to get creative!

Seating charts

Seating charts are one display, as opposed to individual escort cards, that also let guests know which table to be seated at. You can have either a seating chart OR escort card display. Seating charts can be on a variety of materials and are another great chance to get creative!

Place cards

Once the guest arrives at the correct table, a place card lets them know which seat has been assigned to them. These are only necessary if you have a plated meal as you will need a meal indicator, otherwise it is not required. Typically just the guest first names are written on the place card whereas the escort card is more formal.

Welcome + Unplugged

Welcome signs are there to let your guests know they are in the correct space and to greet them! Unplugged signs are to kindly let guests know to keep their devices away during the ceremony. Both are not necessary for every event, but recommended for larger weddings.

Bar Menus 

Bar menus are so much fun, even if you don’t have a lot of information. They can be quotes or lyrics, menus, watercolor signature drinks, big displays, or simply printed cardstock; options are limitless!

Smaller Signage 

Guestbook signs, cards & gifts signs, photobooth or hashtag signs, and all of those smaller ancillary signs are just as important as the big ones! Evaluate your space and see what you may need for your event.

Other fun ideas

The options are truly endless! From custom candles to laser cut signage, custom cornhole to bridal party gifts – let’s see what we can create for you that is unique and will make your guests say “wow”!

What do you think about all of these incredible day-of wedding items? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to reach out and chat about how to add these to your wedding, check out this page for more details!

July 26, 2021