New Design Studio Tour!

You may have seen that back in March of this year, my husband and I purchased our first home! Nestled in a beautiful neighborhood of Napa, we are LOVING it (seriously, we don’t ever want to leave the house) and have loved getting each room nice and cozy. Luckily the foundation of the house was great, so we have taken some time to update the look of the house on the inside, bringing our own touch to this 1950’s house! Enjoy the tour of our new design studio!

The New Design Studio Office

The second bedroom is the only room that has access to the backyard so it was an easy decision to make that my office. When we first moved in, the room was fully painted green with red oak doors and a hardwood floor. The hardwood spanned across the entire house, but we ended up putting in some vinyl laminate overtop once we realized the wood had some issues. We painted the walls white, and had a beautiful sign from Creative Amme laser cut with our logo in gray vinyl.

While imagining what I’d want the office to look like, I knew I’d want white walls with a framing texture, a new light fixture, and some warmer furniture. It was a completely blank canvas, but my biggest intention was to make it somewhere I LOVED to work. While I loved my SugarPaper desk from Target, it was time for me to get a desk with a little more tabletop space. I ended up getting a gray wood L-shaped desk that fit perfectly into the “working” section of the office. There is also a white standing desk topper on the top, so I can convert the desk to standing height if need be.

After re-arranging random furniture over the span of a few weeks, I decided where I liked the L-shaped desk. Then I needed a perfect, cozy chair to be able to sit in while I worked that wasn’t a desk. I got a chair from the Magnolia collection at Target and a matching sideboard with shelves to complement the room, giving it some warmer accents throughout. Throw in some candles, a Studio McGee olive plant, a round mirror, and some other decor and we have a beautiful accent wall to get us inspired for design!

The closet was another piece I was VERY excited to start organizing. We have so many paper and invitation samples, greeting card inventory, and other paper items to hold, so that’s what this closet’s purpose was going to be. We purchased a rolling rack of shelves, along with some storage pins, to create a moveable and organized area to house these items. Check out our “home” Instagram highlight for a more in-depth look into how we organized this closet!

The New Design Studio Before and Afters:

…And some professional images that really capture the essence of the new design studio!

by Olivia Marshall Photo

The “Art” Office

I knew the one room wasn’t going to be enough space for all of the messy artwork, production, and assembly that we do. That’s when we decided to make the garage partly the space for this! It feels good to have the new design studio space tidy and organized while also having artwork space that’s a little bit of organized chaos.

Our garage was also painted green, with wood cabinets that we painted all white. To complement the white, we installed some black pulls and handles on these to give it more of a modern look. Then we installed our extra TV out there for music & entertainment. We’ll eventually be painting and epoxy-ing the floor all black… can’t wait for that!

We do all of our wax sealing, calligraphy work, production, painting, and staining out there and it’s so nice to have the garage door open and get a nice breeze while we work. So the dogs could have a place to lounge, we moved our old couch out there on the opposite side so it was nice and comfy for them, too!

One of our favorite parts of the house is our door that leads from the garage to the house. Jimmy and I love the show FRIENDS, and have had a yellow frame ever since our first apartment together in 2016. We have dated the back of it at each place we’ve moved into since. It was only fitting that we finally were able to paint the door purple to complete the vision!

The Before & “Now”:

Some more capturing working in this “messy” new studio

By Olivia Marshall Photo

The Rest of the House:

To see how we’ve updated the rest of the house, view the kitchen, living room, and guest room photos below! The master is still a work-in-progress, so we’ll update you once we have something to share there!

Before & Afters:

What do you think?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think! We’re still working on accents and plants, but we also LOVE suggestions!

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July 26, 2021