Our Favorite Ways to De-Stress

Life gets busy sometimes, doesn’t it? After a year where everything was so slowed down, now that things are busy again, it feels SO busy. Finding time to unwind is important for our bodies and minds! We put together a little collection of our favorite ways to de-stress that we think you’ll love! 


As people who struggle with mental health issues (hello, anxiety!), yoga has become a tool that is SO helpful for us. Not only is yoga a great workout, it helps you become more in touch with your body and mind, and the connection between them! Starting our day with an energizing flow or ending our day with a restorative one is one of our favorite ways to take care of ourselves. Check out our favorite yoga teacher’s online videos here and look for Natacha’s classes!


Sometimes you just need to escape to another place, and when that is true, a book can be your ticket to a mind vacation! Being able to escape into another world really helps us relax after a busy day of looking at screens. 


If you want to do something a little more hands-on, baking might be great for you! We started doing a lot more of this in 2020, and it was so fun to experiment with new recipes! Make some bread, cookies, or your favorite pastry for a nice stress-reliever. Plus, you get to eat a delicious treat when you’re done! Everyone says we make the best chocolate chip cookies, but let me tell you my secret… it’s just a Betty Crocker recipe!


Even if you aren’t artistic, painting or drawing is such a nice activity that will help you activate that right side of your brain. If you don’t feel comfortable with painting free hand, try a coloring book! It really has the same effect of calming and zoning out! Check out Golden Aged Art’s Instagram for some inspiration and By Annie B’s online classes!

Bubble Bath

This isn’t one we do often, but when we do have time for a bath, we love it! It’s nice for some quiet time. Close the door, pop on some relaxing spa music, put a mask on (skincare is important!), and light your favorite candles. We recommend eucalyptus or lavender for some scents that are sure to help you unwind!

Cuddling Pups

Obviously we saved the best for last here!! There’s nothing quite like a puppy cuddle to help you de-stress. The dogs keep us busy and give us so much love – how could we not feel calmer after spending time with them?! We love to cuddle up with them and watch a movie marathon on the weekends! (If you haven’t read our list of favorite inspirational movies, check it out here!)

Olivia Marshall Photography

What do you think about our favorite ways to de-stress? Do you have any tips you’d like to add? Share them in the comments!

Happy relaxing!

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July 1, 2021