Find Your Invitation Style

With days full of email, Tweets, and Instagram, there’s something so special about getting something in the mail! That’s part of the reason that we love creating stationery – especially wedding invitations! Keep reading, because we have a fun quiz at the end of this post to help you find your invitation style!

It can be tricky trying to figure out what style invitation you want for your big day, and we want to help! Here are some of our tips for finding your perfect invitation style. 

Choose a wedding theme and color scheme

Not every wedding needs a “theme” necessarily, but usually weddings have a specific sort of feel to them! When I worked in bridal, during my consultations with brides I always asked, “what do you want your wedding day to feel like?” I think that’s a great place to start if you aren’t sure which direction to go with your wedding. Maybe it’ll feel dreamy, or whimsical, or chic.

Get inspired by your venue

Once you figure out what you want your big day to feel like, get inspired by your wedding venue! Venues each have their own quirks and personalities to them, which makes them super fun to incorporate into your invites! Is your venue a winery? Cool! Maybe you can incorporate some grapevines into your invites somewhere! Or maybe you’re getting married at a minimalistic city loft, in which case a more modern invitation would work a little better. 

Consider price point

This step is super important! Figuring out how much you want to spend on your wedding stationery is a great place to start even before you reach out to a stationer. Then you can go into a consultation knowing what you want to spend money on and what you know you can cut. We have a variety of invitation options to help you find something in your price point!

Figure out inserts you need

Do you need a details page? Or how about a wedding program? Keep those things in mind when picking your suite! This is also something we can chat with you about and help you figure out.

Choose fonts and wording

This next part is really fun! At least, we think so! (But we are stationers so, maybe it’s just us!) With our fully custom invitation suites, we do custom calligraphy fonts. However, with our semi-custom invitation suites, we use pre-chosen script fonts! If you want to see what the difference between these is, check out this page for examples!

Think about other wedding stationery

Wedding stationery doesn’t end with the invites! If you want to add a few more personal touches, consider table numbers, seating charts, menus, and so many other things! Honestly, the options are endless, and we love hearing all of your creative ideas!

Semi-Custom Invitation Suites

We currently have 10 different Semi-Custom invitation suites! Each one has their own personality and has customizable elements that make them even more personalized!

Romantic styles: These are styles that have florals, whimsical touches, or a more soft sort of style. Examples are The Sienna, The Bloom, The Monroe, and The Olive.

Sposto Photography, The Sienna

Modern styles: These invites tend to be more minimalistic or have a bit of edge to them. Examples are The Modern, The Aloha, and The Grayson.

The Modern

Classic styles: These are for the more traditional couple! They are a modern twist on tradition and have a timeless, understated feel. Examples are The Standard, The Classic, and The Opulent.

The Standard, Olivia Marshall Photography

Want to know which is perfect for you? We made a quiz to help you find the perfect invitation style for you!!

Take our quiz here!

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July 1, 2021