Creative Wedding Party Gifts

A wedding day simply wouldn’t be the same without the people who love and support you, so making sure they feel appreciated is so important! Now that you’ve surrounded yourself with your people, it’s time to find the perfect wedding party gifts to give them on your big day!

We think the more unique the better, so we compiled a list of some of the best wedding party gifts we’ve seen! Keep reading for some creative ideas.

Silk Robe

You really can’t go wrong with a silk robe, right? I mean, who doesn’t love wearing something comfy and cute while getting ready? I know I do! Our sweet friend Bliss got her bridesmaids these gorgeous floral robes that were perfect for getting ready and having pictures taken!

Totes – but Personalized!

We know personalization is a big thing in the bridal party gift world, and we are in full support of that! It’s such a great way to make your people feel special. Personalizing a tote bag is a great idea because it’s sentimental while also being practical! Mallory here is a photographer, so this bag is PERFECT for her!

Champagne Flute with Their Name on It

Nothing says celebration like a champagne flute! Make these more personal by adding their name to theirs. Which is sweet, but also super practical (don’t want anyone mixing up their glasses!). Plus, I guarantee this flute will be used for years to come at home!

Fun Jackets

Have you ever been a bridesmaid and been FREEZING through the whole reception because your dress is strapless and made of chiffon? Enter: the personalized jacket! This bride had her bridesmaid’s names painted onto these leather jackets that they could wear after the ceremony. It’s super thoughtful and honestly really cute!

Special Hat

We love the practicality of this one. Baseball caps are a great gift for any person in the bridal party. They’ll definitely be worn after the wedding day, so that means it’s something they’ll actually use! If you want to make them more personal, add custom details to the cap like their favorite team logo! The cap in this picture is made by our friends at Melin! They have the most amazing hats – go check them out.

Personalized or Themed Socks

Okay, this one is super fun and quirky – aka, right up our alley! This couple LOVED Disney, so they added some of their favorite Disney characters to their socks for the groomsmen to wear! It was like a little surprise when any of them lifted their pant leg!

Unique Cufflinks

Nothing says class like some nice new cufflinks. However, just some plain cufflinks might not quite suit your style if you wanted to be a little less traditional. If that’s the case, try personalizing the cufflinks instead! You can add their initials or even do what this groom did and add their favorite team’s logo onto them! GO DUCKS!

There are SO many options when it comes to finding the perfect gift to give your wedding party as a thank you for them being part of your life. Just remember – don’t stress too much about it. They’re happy to be there and support you no matter what the gift is! So just make it fun!

Do you have any other ideas we should add to the list of creative wedding party gifts? Let us know in the comments!

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June 17, 2021