7 Adorable Wedding Details To Make Your Guests Say “Aww”

We absolutely love it when we are approached with new and creative wedding ideas! Sometimes they are surprises for each other, extra special experiences items for guests, or things that are just plain CUTE. Here are 5 adorable wedding details to make your guests say “aww” that we have had the pleasure of creating! 

Include your pets

As huge animal people, we can’t even begin to express our love for pets in weddings. Whether the fur babies are physically there during your glam-up time, walking down the aisle next to you, or if they are represented on a signature drink menu, it adds so much extra love. It’s a little piece of home and your life that your guests will notice right away! 

Adorable Kiddos

Besides our fur babies, what else tugs at those heartstrings more than cute kids? Having a younger sibling or relative carry a custom sign down the aisle or make an appearance as a ring bearer/flower girl is always an adorableness factor. Not to mention, they are always the ones on the dance floor with the best moves and zero inhibitions! 

Signature Drinks Menu

Want to make your menus a little more fun and unique? Choosing your favorite drinks and having them put on a signature drinks menu is a cute way of adding more personal details to your wedding day! Add a picture next to the names of your favorite cocktails for a pop of color. Or name a drink after your fur baby and have his little portrait on the sign!

Honoring Loved Ones

The “aww” is not the intention for this one, but it sure warms the hearts of every guest knowing that a loved one who has passed is still being honored on this special occasion. We love creating candles and signs for those special people in your life who are celebrating in spirit. One bride incorporated “Wish you were here, Dad” on her seating chart and if that doesn’t make your heart burst, not sure what will! It’s a simple way to showcase how your family and loved ones, with you or not, mean to you. 

Themed Seating Chart

We love a good seating chart here at Pirouette, because they are such a fun day-of piece that can be a great way to show off your style while helping your guests find their seats! This couple chose some of their favorite shows, movies, and characters to theme their tables after! Or check out this “love is in the air” themed seating chart for a couple that met AND got engaged on an airplane! These details will definitely make your guests smile!

Photos of the Couple

Not everyone knew the couple-in-love growing up, and sometimes guests don’t even meet one of the betrothed until the day of the wedding! We love creating table numbers and other signage with images of the couple throughout their lives or time together. These adorable wedding details are always so fun and get the guests at each table talking! 

Special Quotes, Verses & Lyrics

This one is pretty great and you can take it in any direction, the sky really is the limit! Couples can incorporate meaningful family quotes or inside jokes displayed on custom signs, napkins or favors. We also love when couples use quotes from their favorite movies or shows like Parks & Recreation, The Office, Step Brothers, Disney etc… Not only do you get that “aww” but often a proper good belly laugh from guests who are in on the joke or show. This applies for meaningful bible verses and song lyrics as well! (And, you may make your designer extra happy because you have no idea how fun it is to design with quotes we love too!) 

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May 31, 2021