Taking the Leap From Calligrapher to Stationer

We have been full-time wedding stationers since 2016. We have added branding and other design services in that time, but nothing would be possible if we hadn’t taken the leap from calligrapher to stationer back then. You don’t really think about the differences between the two until you do! Calligraphers may be able to do incredible art with their pointed pens or paint markers, but can they get those designs printed? Stationers may be able to create beautiful invitation designs and get them printed, but are they able to do the hand-lettering calligraphers can do? They are totally different professions, and we are lucky enough to call ourselves both calligraphers and stationers.

It wasn’t easy getting there

It wasn’t easy getting there though, and we made an insane amount of mistakes along the way. Can you believe we designed our first invitation suite in Microsoft Word and printed it at FedEx?! We also paid retail prices at Paper Source for materials and thought that hand-addressing was the only way for envelopes. Those are mistakes that just show how uneducated we were. Now, we have over a hundred and thirty invitation suites under our belt, all specialty printed, and ones we are still proud of today. 

How do you get there?

Invest in yourself!

Invest in the classes, workshops, or programs that will make you a master at your craft. Invest in the business resources that will help you create an efficient and effective plan and operation. Invest in the equipment and supplies that you need to create the products you want to. The trick is figuring out in which ways to invest and to not go out and waste your money (looking at you, Entertainment 720). Think SMARTER, not harder. Do you research and find the mentors that click with you best. 

It may or may not be us, but no matter what we are here to help you, encourage you, and inspire you. It’s not impossible to start a successful stationery business.

We never thought we’d be bringing in six figures by creating paper goods, but here we are!

Check out our most valuable resource for people wanting to go from being a calligrapher to a stationer: The Complete Supply + Vendor Guide. It is the ONLY place we share every single one of the vendors we use on the daily to keep our stationery and design operation running. The best part? It’s updated every year! We are getting ready to release the updated version, which anyone who has purchased a previous version will get as well. AKA – the resource was created just for you and grows WITH you. 

If you need other resources, be sure to check out our Business Resources blog posts for more information! Or, send us an email at kaylyn@pirouettepaper.com to chat! 

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March 26, 2021