Our Wedding REGRETS

Everything wasn’t PERFECT on that day, but it was100% absolutely perfect for us. Of course, there are things that we would have changed looking back now, but they’re not technically “wedding regrets”, more our wedding planning regrets. Let’s break them down! 

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Had More Tastings

We had the most amazing cake tasting at Susie Cakes (shout out to Stacy at the Laguna Niguel location!), but we wished that we took advantage of our time engaged and did a few more tastings to see more options. Since we were already in love with Susie Cakes, we figured it was a perfect choice since we knew we liked it (and it was – they did a perfect job!), but we wonder… should we have at least tried something a little more “special”? Who knows! But we do wish someone had told us to do a couple more even though we had essentially made our decision. This applies to our catering as well! 

Choreographed a Dance (Or At Least Practiced A Little)

The thought never really crossed our minds to actually do some sort of choreography (coming from the girl who’s business name is a dance move from doing ballet for 15 years… whoops). We have been to a couple weddings where the first dance was such a highlight because of their amazing choreographed dance. We can’t handle that much attention so we blocked it out of our mind because we am a ball of anxiety about choreography… what we wish someone told me was the dance doesn’t need to be attention-grabbing! Just know more of what you’re doing and it’ll be much less boring and awkward than 2 straight minutes of swaying (which is what happened). Additionally, it would’ve been a fun thing to do together. Don’t worry guys, Jimmy agrees on this! 

Planned Logistics for Send-Off (Snacks!!)

This would be Jimmy’s suggestion and he is mainly pertaining to… leftovers! Our amazing planner Amy of All in the Detail Design was a genius to box up a ton of sweets for us to take to our hotel for snackie snackies! BUT without her experience and expertise, we would’ve been SO disappointed in ourselves for not planning this! It just made me think of how unprepared we were after the wedding is over and what happens once we leave, but Jimmy mainly just wished he thought to save more mac and cheese from our mac and cheese bar! Above everything, it made me EXTRA grateful to have a great wedding planner like Amy that was looking out for us!

Invited More People To The Photo Booth

One of the most fun bonus vendors of a wedding is a photo booth! We LOVED our Instabooth photo booth and even made custom cut outs of our dogs as props! We love our photos that we have of everyone in the photo booth, but we just wish we brought more people into it with us! These are also the photos we received the NEXT DAY so it made for a fun time going through them while waiting on the actual wedding images. 

Wished the Dogs Were There

If you know us at all, you know our dogs are our WORLD. We love those pups so much and wanted them at the ceremony and reception more than anything, but the logistics were too tricky. Due to their anxiety-ridden and “tendency-to-run” personalities of these pups, we knew it would be much less stressful to have them somewhere safe we trust. So, instead, we incorporated them every way we could – as a sketch on the invitations, programs, and napkins, dog treat bags at the bottom of the dessert wall with a sign that said “from our pups to yours” with organic treats inside, photo booth props, in our hashtag, and we had Grayson (the little one) get ready with us in the hotel. Even though it was our dream to have our pups there, it did feel good not having to worry about them but still having them be represented. You’re always going to have experiences in wedding planning where you’ll have to find another solution but having a full-service planner like All in the Detail Design is WORTH IT to help you solve those problems and come up with creative ideas to fix them.

My best advice….

We hope that helps you plan and prepare for your wedding a little better! And if you were coming here for actual true, vulnerable advice on wedding regrets we have some of that too! Specifically to the people who look back and wish certain people weren’t in or invited to the wedding. If you are in that situation, don’t spend forever looking back at your photos wishing you never asked them. Instead, remember that your wedding is really a snapshot of who you were as a couple in that moment of time. Those were the people you loved and cared about at that moment and that’s who was special for you to be there. There are always going to be new memories to be made for new life events with new people who love and care about you then. Even if they bring up bad memories, it’s not a bad thing they’re in the photos; they’re just not in the new, good photos or memories. Remember that!

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March 24, 2021