14 Ways To Add GREEN To Your Wedding

We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a little early and we thought it would be fun to celebrate in the best way we know how – wedding inspiration! Here are 15 ways to incorporate GREEN in your wedding!

1. Tabletop Greenery

Greenery is a great way to fill out a table to be a stunner, where the leaves hang over the edges and you’re left with a whimsical and romantic display!

Devon Donahoo Photography

2. Raised Greenery

Raised greenery is one of our absolute favorites. So much so that we used it for our own wedding (shoutout to Penelope Pots!). It becomes a soft and unique focal point in place of traditional centerpieces that often add up with lots of florals. 

Savan Photography

3. Hanging Greenery

Nothing is more romantic than flowers that appear to be dangling from heaven itself. Just look at how stunning, romantic and fairytale-like it is! One of the most beautiful ways to include green in your wedding!

Jim Kennedy Photography

4. Green Envelopes

This one may not be for everyone, but we personally love the green envelopes. It’s a nice splash of color that offsets traditional ivory and neutral wedding invitations. Pair it with the green letterpress and you’ve got yourself one simple and gorgeous suite. There are also over 25 different shades of green in paper and embellishment options if a forest or mint color are more your style. 

Jordan Galindo Photography

5. Ceremony Florals

If you ever want wedding floral inspiration, Pelican Hill has it in the bag! This gorgeous site does not even need additional decor, but the green and white florals make for one whimsical and timeless romance. Seriously a dream!

Alan Phillip Photography

6. Leaf Place Cards

We’re just gonna LEAF this right here…how adorable is this idea?! And so “green” for the environment, too, right?! Just be sure to get these made before they turn brown! 

Mallory Dawn Photography

7. A Greenery-Filled Bouquet

Regardless of your color scheme, greenery-filled bouquets look stunning with any color combo. Especially with those gorgeous white flowers, it really adds that extra “lush factor.”

Mallory Dawn Photography

8. Ceremony Arches

We love how the greenery pulls additional nature from the scenery to really showcase this spectacular view, or any view for that matter! Ceremony arches can come in all different shapes and sizes, and are extra beautiful when decorated with some greenery!

Amy Golding Photography

9. Cannabis Bar

You can’t get greener than cannabis! For any 420-friendly weddings, how fun is this bar set up for a cannabis bar? Going through this gallery, we were taken back by how cool this setup is! It’s a fun alternative to an “open bar” that’ll really have your guests enjoying the night!

Sposto Photography

10. Natural Ivy

Ivy always has a way of transporting me to another country. This could be Ireland (hello, St. Patrick!), Italy, France, you name it. And hey, if it’s already part of your venue, it’s a sweet way to save on a little floral decor!

Natalie Schutt Photography

11. Welcome Sign Florals

We love welcome sign florals because it subtly blends and welcomes your guests. In addition,  since green is “the color of life” and has associations with words like “renewal”, “growth”, “harmony”, “safety” and “energy”; it’s perfect for a ceremony celebrating a marriage!

Mallory Dawn Photography

12. Hedge Walls

A hedge wall is a statement in itself, so there is not a ton you have to do to make it really stand out. Some florals, a laser-cut sign, and some great calligraphy and you have yourself a Pinterest-worthy wedding!

Jarrod J Photo

13. Green Glassware

To be honest, we weren’t expecting to love these glasses but after seeing them set up on the table, it was like magic dust that was sprinkled all over the table! These green glasses brought this tablescape to life in the best way. We are totally in love now! 

Mallory Dawn Photography

14. A Green Venue

Let your venue do the heavy lifting! If you can secure a venue with already lush landscape and trees like this stunner, it’ll be a walk in the park. Any additional florals simply add to the already-there wow factor!

Dyanna Lamora Photography

Want us to create something beautiful (and possibly GREEN for your wedding? Contact us for a quote on invitations, signage, and other day-of paper goods! 

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March 12, 2021