5 Ways To Create an Intentional Brand

Intention will get you where you want to go. You must have a clear purpose and meaning in which you do each of the things you do for your business. We suggest looking up some mindfulness meditations to over-achieve in this concept! But mindfulness and intention are things that require constant practice and reflection, which takes time and some learning too. We’re happy you are here to learn with us our 5 ways to have an intentional brand! 

1. Define Your Business Basics

It’s important to establish yourself within your company and your business vision. Your company name, what you do, and how you solve problems for your clients. You’ll also want to consider a tagline, mission statement, and positioning statement for your company as well. These don’t even have to ever be shared with anyone publicly or on your website as “this is my mission statement”. But if you are able to define WHY it is your company exists and stand strongly within that, you can refer back to that when creating deliverables and think “does this match up with my company purpose?”. 

2. Choose a Brand Voice

Once you know who you are as a company, how do you talk to your clients? Is it a sole business that is based around your name and face? Then you’re probably talking to your audience from the first person. If you have a team or a larger corp, you’ll be using “we” to speak to your audience. Knowing this right out of the gate and sticking to it will help you create a consistent brand voice. When your potential customers communicate with you, whether directly or viewing your deliverables, you want that brand voice to be consistent so they feel an emotional connection to you. 

3. Outline Your Brand Story

After choosing your brand voice, you’ll want to outline your brand story in various ways. We suggest having a 5-8 sentence version, a 3-4 sentence version, and 1-2 sentence elevator pitch. All of these should sum up what your business and brand do, how you started, and the main themes of your business. In addition to this, come up with a “fab 5” of personal details that relate back to your brand, but also provide the audience with a personal connection to you. If your brand is just you, these can be things like coffee, the beach, your dogs, etc. that make your customers feel a relation to your interests. If your business is multiple people, think about things that your audience may want to know that doesn’t directly have to do with “the work”. Things like getting to know the team, how it all started, what your workspace looks like, etc. may be more applicable. 

You won’t be using your brand story repeatedly, but it’s an important step in establishing a connection with your audience. 

4. Identify Your Client

Knowing WHO you are selling to is an absolute must! We have a great blog post about this here with the specific questions you should ask yourself in order to define your ideal client. The more you tailor your brand and market to a specific customer that you WANT to work with, the more you WILL get to work with them and the more you’ll ENJOY IT!

5. Choose Your Brand Tone

After ALL of these basics, you’ll also have to choose a brand tone, aka how you want to be perceived. The definition of a brand is how your audience perceives you, and the brand tone is the final component to being able to control that. You can choose to have a fresher, and more modern brand design with a sassy brand tone, or a brand tone that’s polished, clean, and professional. Whatever it is, think about the adjectives that you want your customers to think of when interacting with your company and have your design and copy reflect that. 

Having all of these things in place will give you the establishing credibility within yourself to keep up with your brand! Create a few templates for your social media feeds that checks all of these boxes, have a website that reflects these concepts, and incorporate your brand message, story, and voice into everything you do! 

Need help with getting started or putting idea to paper? We’re branding pros and are ready to help! Schedule a free consultation today to chat about your branding needs!

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March 11, 2021