Alternatives to Paper Place Cards

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a paper place card. They are classic! But if you are looking to get creative with your place cards, here are some alternatives to paper place cards! Chat with us if you have a vision for your wedding you’d like us to create!

Mallory Dawn Photography


This option can sometimes come with a timing disadvantage, but it just takes some coordination! Having some greenery in your wedding as well as turning it into something useful is a perfect idea!

Mallory Dawn Photography

Sea Glass

One of my favorites, the pastel tones hint just enough to the ocean without being overly “beachy”.

Hello Blue Photography


Even though the actual card is paper, I love this option elevating it to be more than just paper, They come in tons of different colors too – great for indicating the meal choices!

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A classic, these marble place cards are a contemporary yet romantic little place card that can also be used as a favor to your guests. The 4” size or larger can be made into coasters too!

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Laser Cut

Laser cut out of wood or acrylic, these are also a great option for a favor that’s useful! They are definitely something your guests would keep!

Mallory Dawn Photography

Capiz Shell

These shells are so stunning – they have almost an opal-ey shine to them and are more durable than they look. Such an awesome place card for the guests to keep!

Jordan Galindo Photography

Custom Tile

This bride found these custom, hand-painted tiles for me to use for her wedding day and they went perfectly with the theme of the beachside elegance and the venue’s historical Spanish detailing.

Mallory Dawn Photography

Sand Dollar

So special for beachy weddings, especially small and intimate beachfront weddings. We just think they are one of the most special favors to give!

Hello Blue Photography


Modern, sleek and elegant, usually in clear but can also come in all kinds of colors. Pair it with some acrylic signage and you’re set to have some A+ details!

Jarrod J Photo

Agate Slice

These come in some beautiful colors – blue, white, black, gray, pink, purple – definitely a beautiful option if you’re interested in having some earthy elements to your day!

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Sea Salt Shot Glass

These are SO cool and totally double as a favor! Always one to impress guests. Just don’t pour the tequila *too* early or let it sit too long – they are still salt and can dissolve, but they do make the shot extra tasty with the salt!

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Any other ideas? Comment below and we’d love to hear them! If you need help with your place cards and day-of details, contact us today for a quote on any calligraphy, stationery, paper, or signage needs! 

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March 9, 2021