Creating An Invitation Proof in Dubsado

We use Dubsado for practically everything in our business. Check out our post about how we use it here! One of the biggest things we use Dubsado for is for creating proofs for our clients. In our studio, we send out wedding invitation and day-of proofs, logo design and branding mockup proofs, and so many custom project proofs in between. It’s important to include all of the necessary information in your proofs to set up client expectations and to protect yourself from any liability the client signs off on during proofing. Here’s what we include in our wedding invitation proofs that we send through Dubsado!

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A couple essential things that help us get established for each project before the proofing process begins include:

  • Contract signed by client
  • 50% retainer (not deposit) paid by client
  • Invitation wording form – how we collect our client’s invitation verbiage and wording

Client Information + Timeline

At the top of each proof we include the important information such as the title of the form, client name(s), date we are creating or editing the proof, and the initial timeline. We also reiterate our processes at the top to withhold the client expectations. This includes a line that lets them know any additional proofs will be an added cost, and to only submit their responses through this form. 

Each Piece of the Suite

In our invitation proofs, we mock up each individual element of the invitation for the client to approve separately. This allows the client to evaluate each item on its own before approving it together with the rest of the design. Under each item is the specs, or information, for that piece. Things like quantity, printing method, paper color, and size are all double-checked and approved here. 

Full Suite Mockup

It’s impossible to get your client to visualize the end product just as you see it in your head. We include a full suite mockup at the end of each proof that shows all elements of the suite together as a styled mockup.  This helps to see how the colors and designs complement each other  as an entity. It can also be helpful to have this mockup to send to your printers as a composite so they know what it’s supposed to look like when put onto paper. 

Signature + Submission 

Alas, we have the client approval! We include four complimentary proofs in every one of our invitation packages. In order to get an official approval from the client, we have them sign off on the approval of the pieces OR request a new proof with their changes at the end of each proof. We also reiterate all of our policies and print release so they are reminded about the responsibility of what their signature means. By having all of this information at the end, the client takes FULL responsibility for the printed designs, including any typos that they signed off on. If they have changes, this reminds them once again that anything after the 4th proof will incur an added fee. Managing client expectations this way is crucial for setting boundaries and avoiding miscommunications. Don’t forget a solid contract as well! 

And that’s it! We use the unmatched Plume Calligraphy Stationer’s Mockup for all of our invitation mockups as well for the most realistic representation of what the client can expect. 

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March 3, 2021