Petrus Psychology Brand Launch

Gina Petrus is a youth psychologist and is an incredible one at that! We adore her mission and her approach into inclusive and safe care for all kids. She gives back to kids in the community and provides so much support for others around her, it was time for us to create a brand to reflect her amazing work! We created a bright and vibrant brand for her that is professional, yet still appeals to the kids AND parents she works with on the daily. Enjoy the Petrus Psychology brand launch!

The Color Palette

Dr. Petrus loves her color! Because she works with mostly children and young adults, we created a brand that was appealing to them, but also to their parents (the ones doing the hiring). She sent us images of her office decor, which included geometric light fixtures and modern furniture, lotus decor, and some bright pops of color. We chose a deep warm purple for the main logo color, and included a warm and bright palette to complement it. Creating logos with bright color palettes is always so much fun! 

Shoutout to Kate Max Stock for having some of the best-fitting inspiration images for this branding board as well! To learn more about stock images, visit our post: How We Use Stock Photos In Our Business

The Logo Design

We knew that we needed this logo to be:

  1. Legible, 
  2. Professional,
  3. Kid-approved

To add an element that matches the brightness of the color palette, we used a sunburst in the logo design. This makes the logo feel more welcoming, something that is an important first impression in their line of work. Going to therapy can be intimidating, so the sunburst and lotus elements bring that softness and ease to the feel of the office. 

We are working on some branded stationery now and we can’t wait to see how Petrus Psychology uses their new brand! Thank you for doing what you do, Dr. Petrus! Congratulations on the new look! 

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February 24, 2021