2022 Wedding Color Trends

We have been seeing so many incredible ideas, especially from our couples over quarantine! Everything about tradition has changed, and that only opens up the door to more creativity. One thing that is present in our upcoming events is… COLOR! We’re seeing a lot of color being used in beautiful and timeless ways, and here are our predictions of 2022 wedding color trends!

Letterpress, Envelope, and Paper Colors

There are unlimited combinations for letterpress and paper colors. Ask your stationer what’s available to use and your new favorite color may surprise you!

Sposto Photography

 Colored Wax Seals 

You have seen a gold wax seal, but what about a matte sage green one?! Artisaire comes out with new colors each year, and we know that those are always going to be trending! We use exclusively Artisaire products for the wax seals and stamps coming out of our studio. Check out our designs here! And for all wax seal options, be sure to check out our Client Resources page. 

Olivia Marshall Photography

Whimsical + Natural Bouquets

Our girl Mulberry and Moss knows what’s up when it comes to florals. We see a lot more of her wildflower-esque style, with layered details, and intentional design with each bloom. We’re predicting a lot more natural-feeling and earthy elements included in bouquets such as herbs, certain weeds, and other tendril greenery. In terms of color, most of our couples are opting for more neutral blooms and greenery with subtle pops of accent colors here and there. 

Christine Skari Photography / Mulberry & Moss


Monograms and personalized wedding details have obviously always been a thing, but we see people going deeper and getting more detailed and emotional with these details. Our friend Golden Aged Art is our go-to source for all custom commissions, just like these perfect pups! After the pandemic, these elements are more meaningful and special than ever! Additionally, they bring softness to the color palette with the watercolor style. 

Ellie Koleen Photography

Monochromatic Venues

We have been seeing a lot of new venues that are very much blank slates for their events. White walls, black barns, and industrial elements at venues are all great options for 2022. And, they make the rest of your color details stand out! 

Sposto Photography

Colored Glassware 

We were completely aloof to these until our incredible wedding planner, Amy Beck, suggested upgrading our glassware. Now, looking back at our wedding photos I am SO happy she made that suggestion as it totally upgraded our table! We went with clear crystal, but also love seeing the colorful glassware too! Can’t wait for more of that in 2022.


This is another detail that gets often overlooked or forgotten about. And there are so many ways to make lounges pop with color! Check out some stylish and colorful furniture items if you are looking to add some color and style to your lounge area. 

Mallory Dawn Photography

Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Dresses

It seems more and more people have opted for the mix-and-match style bridesmaid dresses as opposed to all one color. We see more of this happening in 2022, but there’s no “wrong” way to do this; it’s totally up to you! 

Sposto Photography

Bold Makeup, Attire, and Accessories

A bold lip, painted toenails, velvet shoes, bright socks, a floral tie…. the options are endless! There are many ways to bring in color to these accent and highlight pieces of a wedding. An eyeshadow or lipstick is perfect to dramatize your look and show some individuality to your style! 

Cami Jane Photography

Looking to create some invitations and day-of goods that are perfectly in line with your color and vision? Contact us for a quote

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February 23, 2021