How to Plan Your Wedding During Covid-19

Let us start by saying that we can’t even imagine how much of an emotional rollercoaster you must be experiencing if you are planning a wedding during this pandemic. We are so sorry that the typical wedding experience was stripped from you, but we are here to help! If you have had to postpone, we want to give you ideas of how we’d chug along with planning. Here are all of our ideas on how to plan your wedding during the Covid-19 downtime!

The Invitations

Have you started your invitation process? If so, chat with your designer to see if there is a plan in place for postponement and ulterior scenarios. In our studio, we offer to begin the design, hit “pause”, and then come back to fine-tune the verbiage once the details have all been confirmed. This is great for couples who are itching to have a visual mockup of their invitations. Having that mockup can help you visualize and get inspired for the other elements of the wedding!

If you have not begun the invitation process, start thinking about what type of design you like. Logistically, think about how you want to get all of the Covid-19 related information for your wedding across to them and come up with a plan for your invitations. If you are totally lost on what direction to go in with this, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you explore the options!

Cake Tastings

If there are any local bakers that you have been eyeing for your wedding, check-in with them! They may be offering at-home cake tasting samples! We see them on Instagram from fellow bakers in the area all the time, and are always drooling at them! Take advantage of the time to be able to do this… and enjoy a bunch of cake while you’re at it!

Song List/Dance Practice

Get out your disco balls and have a living room dance party with that future spouse of yours! Take a lesson from Dr. Grey and dance it out – come up with a killer playlist full of “must play” songs for your DJ. And check out some local DJs on social media! Some of them are doing some live living room parties – so fun! You could even do some “first dance” practicing and/or choreography too! Maybe a surprise dance that you perfect and whip out in the middle of your reception? “The Routine” from FRIENDS, maybe?

Create Your Shot List

Make sure all of those important details are captured by making a shot list for your photographer! Now, we don’t mean to come up with a list of every single photo you want your photographer to take… that’s not what you’re paying them to do. Have trust in your photographer to carry throughout the day naturally and trust in them to do their jobs. But think of the details that are most important and special to you and come up with a list for them to make sure they can capture those details for you on the day. For example, letting them know there’s a charm on your bouquet that has importance to you and you’d like that captured.

You’ll also need your family photo list which is a pain to put together. Pour a glass of wine, Facetime your parents, and get that list written down and laminated! You can also look for some awesome pose ideas like the one below! 

Get Organized!

There’s so many things to keep track of for your wedding. Bust out your new BFF, Google Drive, and get on top of it! Here are a couple templates just to get an idea of all the lists!

Your guest list + addresses (don’t forget to make different lists for your other wedding events too – bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal, etc.)

Gift/thank you tracker (don’t forget about those other celebrations too!)

Watch Wedding Movies

We are huge rom-com fans and when we were planning our wedding, we LOVED watching wedding movies. It’s not exactly “how to plan your wedding during Covid-19”, but watching wedding movies always helps! Here are our favorites:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding | Father of the Bride | Monster in Law | Bridesmaids | The Hangover | Bride Wars | The Proposal | Wedding Crashers | The Wedding Planner | I Love You, Man | License to Wed | 27 Dresses | Four Weddings and a Funeral (okay so don’t hate us, we have never actually seen the original movie but the new Hulu series was SO cute so we HIGHLY recommend that one!)

Order the Fun Stuff

What’s going to make your wedding special for your guests and make it a night to remember for everyone? The details! The things that make your wedding different from any other one they’ve been to. Things like custom cocktail napkins, favors for your guests (or your guests’ dogs!), end of night send-offs… so many options! You could even start getting together some special gifts for your wedding party, future spouse, or items for a welcome bag! Check out some of these fun details below:

As discouraging as it might be to have to postpone, we hope you are still able to find some joy in wedding planning!! Leave a comment if there’s something we didn’t think of, as we’d love to hear your ideas too!

Want to chat about your invitations or day-of goods? Contact us!

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February 11, 2021