8 Tips For Working From Home

If you work from home, this ones for you, champ! We have been told that we are so lucky to be able to work from home and that some people are jealous of it. Sometimes, yes, we say “heck yes, this is the best!”. But other times, you realize it can be isolating and mentally challenging to work from home for a long period of time. Here are our 8 best tips for working from home that we have adopted and used over the years!  

#1. Figure out your work hours… and stick to them!

The biggest challenge when working from home is separating work and home in terms of mindset and duties. Set a work schedule for yourself with set hours of the day for you to get your most productive work done. We don’t think everyone should be working 8 hours, 5 days a week either. See what hours you feel most productive during and use that to your advantage!

#2. Get dressed and ready

It can be very easy to get into a pajamas-all-week routine. We’ve been there where we go through 2 pairs of PJs a day and never *actually* get dressed. This can mess with self-esteem, so if you are feeling low, treat it like a normal workplace attire! Set an alarm, take a shower, look sharp, and get dressed like you were going to work. It will give you more confidence and will definitely make you feel more productive!

#3. Set a to-do list that’s realistic 

It can be really easy to start blending all of the work and home responsibilities together and it can be really daunting to look at a list with everything on it. Try creating a work-only to-do list that is a realistic amount of tasks to get done, that you know you can get done that day. If you’re a list-maker like us, create separate lists for chores, errands, and work. This will help you prioritize your time and help you not get overwhelmed by all of your duties.

#4. Don’t work from bed

Separate the space of work and sleep – don’t let your sleep space become an anxiety-inducing place (which happens if your work gets stressful). It also helps to have a designated workspace to avoid distractions and to keep you focused. The bed can also be a little too tempting for those midday naps! 

#5. Make your lunches or have easy snacks

“I wish I was the person I was when I was grocery shopping.” – the greatest quote we ever saw on a meme. We learned that we will end up grabbing the most easiest (usually the most unhealthy) option if we set the expectation for ourselves to cook lunch. Or, we’ll skip it because we’re too busy which leads to low blood sugar, added anxiety, and fatigue. Have some good options on hand that are easy to grab and eat. Don’t interrupt that workflow, but you have to stay healthy! 

#6. Set an alarm to drink water

For some reason, it’s so much harder to remember to drink water when you’re at home! Don’t ask us why, it’s not an exact science, but it happens. We have our little Amazon Echo remind us every hour to drink some water. It really helps us remember because dehydration can lead to major work lulls!

#7. Have playlists for different work moods

Spotify is my best friend when we’re working. We have different playlists for different moods.. check out our favorites here! If you can listen to music and work at the same time, we suggest having the music you love easily ready in playlists so you can just hit play and get to work, not getting too distracted. 

#8. Accomplishments list

Ever have those days where you felt totally unproductive even though you were working from home all day? US TOO. We started getting really discouraged, but we came up with an idea that totally helped. Write down every little thing you got done that day. Did you empty the dishwasher? Take out the trash? Send an email? Make yourself lunch? Made a call? Write it all down and by the end of the day, your page will be FULL. It’s a good reminder if you’re starting to feel down on yourself! 

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February 2, 2021