Blush + Burgundy Carnation Bridal Shower

Today marks three years since our friends and family showered us with love at our burgundy and blush carnation-themed bridal shower! It is nostalgic to look back and think about these special times, especially these days. We can’t believe so much time has passed since this magical day!

Theme + Colors

Of course, head designer, Kaylyn, had to be difficult when coming up with a design for the party (she’s a designer, so, duh!). She wanted to use a popular color palette in a way that she had never seen before. Thinking about cost-effective options, the carnations popped in her head and that theme was born! There’s total credit to our amazing friends and family that put this together; we may have come up with the theme and invitations, but the rest was all them!

With our blush and burgundy color palette, the carnations for the bridal shower details were muted, elegant, and subtle. The gold foil in the napkins and other details made the metal accents and customizations really “pop”. We didn’t know much about florals but knew that friend Jackie of Penelope Pots would create a stunning display. To finish it, we wrote our future last name and had Creative Amme cut it out for a subtle sign above. Turned out to be a beautiful backdrop… and one of our most saved pins!

One of our Matrons of Honor is an incredible film photographer and she was kind enough to snap these images of the shower on her digital camera. It is so special to look back and see all of the thoughtful details they carefully planned out just for us. We couldn’t feel more grateful and loved by our amazing friends and family!

The Details

With Kaylyn’s involvement in the design, it was hard for the maids and matrons of honor to pull off a bridal shower with surprises, but they did an incredible job!

Matrons of Honor, Milena and Mallory, alongside Maid of Honor, Lauryn, made all of our dreams come to life with the most fun games and beautiful decor. One of our favorite details is the floral ice cubes in the drink pitcher. The perfect detail for a blush and burgundy carnation bridal shower! And the games they came up with were so interactive and not awkward at all.

The biggest surprise of them all was when Jimmy showed up with some flowers and played the Newlywed Game with us! We were crying laughing because it was so funny, and it was nice for more family and friends to get to know him too.

We really wanted to give something special to each guest, so we handwrote all of the names and used vinyl to put them on the champagne flutes. It was a beautiful and perfect favor that they still send us pictures of them using today!

Advice for brides for their bridal showers…

  • Involve your soon-to-be-spouse!

It was SO MUCH FUN having Jimmy involved in the shower, and he loved making an appearance! Playing the game was fun and interactive for everyone, and it was an opportunity for some people to get to know him better. Definitely recommend!

  • Take a picture with each guest

We did this when opening each gift so we didn’t miss any pictures with anyone. It’s so special to have these now because there are many pictures with these people I wouldn’t have otherwise! They are definitely keepsakes now! See below for some super cute pictures (:

  • Give something back to your guests

We created the champagne flutes to be able to say “thank you” in our own way. Making things for people has always been a way we show our love, so it felt really good to do that. You can also do this with a small note, favor, or fun surprise!

  • Allow yourself to enjoy it – it’s never going to happen again!

It’s crazy to think about how much our lives have changed since our wedding, even before the pandemic! You never know what life will bring and these moments are precious. Enjoy them, soak up every minute, and squeeze everyone tight!

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January 29, 2021