Breast Cancer Support Collection

Our dear friend, Hannah Dalton, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she is not a month over 30 years old. This news broke our hearts, and we knew we had to help the best way we knew how: by creating the Hope for Hannah Breast Cancer Support Collection!

Anyone who knows Hannah knows how STRONG of a person she is. She has always been resilient, bold, absolutely hilarious. Not to mention thoughtful, fiercely loyal, and speaking as a former roommate, she is the best to have around when things are chaotic because she knows how to remain calm. She’s always there for everyone else, and now it’s time for us to be there for her!

The first thing Hannah told me when we chatted after her diagnosis was: “I do not want a Go Fund Me page, I want people to receive something for donating to me; there needs to be more purpose!” … Okay, Hannah… then let’s set up an ENTIRE SHOP for you! But people always want to donate more, so she finally gave in and let her friend set up a page for her. For more detailed information on Hannah’s cause and to donate directly, visit her Go Fund Me page here!

Creating the Breast Cancer Support Collection

Hannah is so vibrant and fun, and has always loved fun patterns and colors. Obviously, we knew we had to have a pink color palette for a breast cancer support collection, but we narrowed it into the perfect few shades of “Hannah Pink” for the final designs. We started with a couple of ribbon drawings, a few calligraphy phrases, and some digitally drawn modern boobies. We used all of these elements to create different patterns, which allowed for us to put them on whatever she wanted!

The hope with this part of the shop is to raise money for our friend Hannah’s battle with breast cancer, as well as raise awareness and offer products for others that may be going through the same thing. Take a look through the shop for stickers, apparel, face masks, socks, and even a bucket hat! And if you have any special requests that will help you or a loved one with their breast cancer battle, please reach out and we can see what we can do!

Take me to the Hope for Hannah Shop!

January 23, 2021