How We Use Dubsado In Our Stationery Business

We wish all that was involved in running a stationery business was Illustrator and a tape glider, but there is a lot more work that goes into the maintenance and upkeep for a small company. On the daily, we are not only designing for our clients but also sending emails, bookkeeping, communicating with leads, planning social content, doing website maintenance and updates… the list doesn’t end! So how do we manage everything and become well-known for our detail and organization? Dubasdo!! We use Dubsado in our stationery business DAILY and are here to tell you why!

Here are the top 5 ways we use Dusbado in our stationery business:

We have become well-known for our organization and professionalism with our clients, something we definitely could not pride ourselves on before using Dubsado. There is not a tool we use more often; it is the root of our business, our command center, and our total lifeline!

Lead Capture

If you take a look through our website, we have different contact and lead capture forms for different services. Dubsado allows us to create these customized forms to gather the information we need, and then it automatically sets up the project for you, organized before you even open the inquiry!


There are so many features on Dubsado that we KNOW we aren’t taking full advantage of and proposals was one of those until recently! In Dubsado, you can customize proposals for clients with images and different packages for them to review and choose. Say goodbye to the days of going back and forth making revisions over and over, and hello to the extra hour you just earned yourself in the morning!


Once the client chooses their packages and options in the proposal, it automatically generates an invoice they can pay. All invoices are processed through industry-leading payment processors and it’s the easiest way for you to accept payment. You can schedule payment breakdowns, workflows with due dates, add gratuity, discounts… the list goes on!

What’s so great about all of these features being in ONE system is that you can customize the colors, themes, and fonts to your brand to keep a consistent front to your customers and clients. There’s no better feeling than getting compliments on your professionalism when you are just starting out! From the emails to the proposal to the invoice and beyond, all of the links your client comes across will be created just how you like them.

Are you not a designer and do not want to figure out how to set up these forms yourself? We offer Dubsado consultations where we’ll do all of that for you! Check it out if you would like to save yourself even MORE time!


The contracts are the next step for our clients to complete before taking them through the proofing process. It is so easy for us to enter in the contract template, personalize it if needed, and send it off. They sign off electronically, an email gets sent to them, and voila! We have everything we need organized all in one place before starting our project. Also, if you are just starting out, make sure you have a contract with your clients to protect yourself from any liability!

Forms + Proofing

One thing about stationery is that you typically need a ton of information from the client before you even begin designing. We use Dubsado to create forms that capture invitation verbiage, branded graphic requests, monogram questionnaires, and other information we need from our clients to make the design process easier on both of us.

By doing this in forms, it alleviates the pressure to ask all questions in an email or call, and you can refer back to it all in once place when you’re ready to design. We can’t tell you how many hours each week this saves us from having to go back-and-forth with clients about design requests or verbiage!

Once we are ready to send the proofs to the client for review, images of our designs are inserted into our proofing templates that we created for ourselves within Dubsado. This makes it so easy for the client to check box “yes” or “no” with their approvals, type in requested changes, and submit on their own time. It makes us cringe thinking about the times we used to have to send PDF proofs over email and collect client responses that way!

Are you thinking Dubsado might be the right tool for your business?

Use the code pirouettepaper for 20% off your first month or year!

What’s awesome is they offer a free trial for your first three projects. This helped us when transitioning systems since we weren’t on a timeline and could go at our own pace. Highly recommend!

And we do get a month free whenever you sign up using our code, but trust us… this is our NUMBER ONE tool we use daily and would not be recommending it otherwise!

January 14, 2021