Alicia Danielle Photography Brand Launch

When Alicia contacted us for her brand design, we knew an awesome and out-of-the-box logo would be created! Her first priority was for it to not be boring or common, and we did just that. We wanted to create a brand that reflected Alicia’s love for capturing authentic moments while staying true to herself. Overall, her brand is fun, spunky, and an all-around good time. Without further adieu, the Alicia Danielle Photography brand launch!


Alicia mentioned she loved bold and bright colors and wanted her brand to reflect that. We used a deep, black watercolor pattern as the main color in her brand, with a bright pastel rainbow as her secondary signature pattern. We pulled from that rainbow pattern to create a color palette of striking accent colors that are so fun to use throughout the brand. The final pattern, hexagons mimicking a camera lens, brought the whole look together for this modern logo.


The main logo is edgy and unique, but still professional and true to Alicia – the exact goal for this brand! The submark design is easily identifiable and breaks up the other design elements of the brand. The colors and patterns all complement each other in ways that bring it full circle and derive a common emotion when scrolling through.

For the Alicia Danielle Photography brand launch and branding board, we created examples of branded stationery. This helps visualize how to use the brand elements to create a consistent branded experience for potential clients.

Something that is so important about Alicia Danielle Photography as a brand is how much they focus on the emotion in their images. Her ability to capture the true, vulnerable, and candid moments while still being timeless and beautiful is inspiring. The camera, color, and pattern are all an essential part of Alicia’s brand story and we wanted to show just how special she is through her logo.

With so much focus on life’s authentic and candid moments, Alicia’s logo is no exception to being true to yourself! We hope it sparked a connection with you too, and that you check out Alicia Danielle Photography if you need any SoCal family or wedding photography!

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December 18, 2020