Simply Lovely Events Brand Launch

We could not be more excited to chat about this lovely brand launch for Simply Lovely Events! Tannya of Simply Lovely Events is a Bay Area wedding planner who does extraordinary wedding and philanthropic work. She and her team are incredible professionals and mighty talented creatives, so we created a brand to reflect just that!


When we asked Tannya what she likes to do in her spare time she replied with “drinking lattes on the beach with my family” and we totally connected with that! We created the color palette inspired by grays from beachy rocks, a tan from that warm latte palette, and pink from that picture-perfect beach sunset. To complete the look we used a wave pattern to bring the brand together and to add to her brand elements.


Tannya wanted something fun and modern that would relate to her target market of Bay Area, California brides. She also wanted to be sure to stay current throughout versatile trends. The font she chose was the perfect blend of professional and business, while still being a welcoming brand to her potential customers.

When creating this brand, it was perfect to show this branded wedding-day timeline as an example of branded stationery. This helps to understand how to visualize these logo elements on the proofs in real-life scenarios. Same with the branded graphics on the left! These inspired her to create graphics using her brand elements from her logo package.

In her branding board, we really wanted to emphasize her brand story because working with a wedding planner is such a personal process. You are putting your special day in the hands of someone else, which is a big deal! Having a brand story helps understand who that person is, and builds trust and credibility with your clients.

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December 3, 2020