Stacey Alyson Artistry Brand Launch

I can’t believe this is my first blog post about a branding project! I obviously have a passion for weddings and I love “love”, but I also LOVE helping creatives fall in love with their company all over again by giving them a new brand they can confidently represent and move forward. If you’re interested in learning more about our branding packages, see below!

The perfect first launch for this side of the business portfolio couldn’t be more perfect than this talented beauty, Stacey Alyson! In 2017 I created a calligraphy logo for her and the talented Heather Sharpe of The Editor’s Touch created a leveled-up website for her. Knowing that we needed to refresh it, Stacey told me the main vibes she wanted for her new brand were: sophisticated and high-end, bohemian and beachy, feminine and versatile.

She recently had a magical intimate wedding ceremony on the beach where she glowed like a bohemian goddess so I knew I had to create something to match her magic and light. For real guys, she’s a ray of sunshine!



Since 2017, I’ve learned a lot and improved a ton with graphic design, especially with the logos so I knew number one we needed up modernize and clean it up. I wanted to give her a new brand concept to help her be able to visualize her brand and the potential these new branding elements have! The mood board on the first page contains those beachy, boho vibes combined with an image of her beautiful client and an establishing shot of some makeup brushes to relate back to her line of work. I pulled colors from these images to build her color palette that I wanted to represent colors of a sunset caught on a film camera, the most sophisticatedly beachy image I could think of! Starting with a creamy yellow, blending in some sandy and ocean colors, some soft cloudy blue and ending with a dusty, peachy rose… the perfect sunset!


I seriously had so much fun playing around with her first logo draft because her name is so fun to write in calligraphy! I wanted to give her a variety of style options to see how casual or formal she might want to go with it. She knew she wanted to stick with a script font for the name so that made it pretty easy to start!

She works on weddings and events, corporate photoshoots, national pageants, high fashion photoshoots and more, meaning her audience and target client audience is broad since she has so much to offer with her services. With such a versatile portfolio and skillset, I wanted the brand to be able to represent her work no matter what industry the client was in.

Stacey was having a hard time choosing between these, but when she told me that she loved the font from my semi-custom suite, The Monroe, I gave her that option as well! She fell in love and the rest is history… a true branding fairytale, perfect considering Stacey and I met and became friends while working at Disneyland years ago! Where are our white doves and carriage for this launch?! This also worked out well because the website design by The Editor’s Touch is timeless, all she had to do was update the font! Low maintenance branding, I tell you!

The submark design came easy once we finalized the main logo and will be extra useful in her branding, however she chooses to use it! She also has the mascara swashes that are great to use for pops of color in branding stationery like on her hair & makeup business cards. Stacey chose “The Basics” branding package which allows me to give her a branding board like this one to help her visualize how she can use these branding elements in the future. Whether that’s a pricing sheet, business cards, signage or more – she has all of those elements to go be the amazing artist she is!

KIND WORDS FROM STACEY | @staceyalysonartistry

“Where do I even begin? Kaylyn is a creative genius! She has done branding for my hair and makeup business twice now and has absolutely crushed it both times. The first time I had zero direction of what I wanted and she walked me through the important steps, finding inspiration, color palette, what I want my brand to represent and the types of clients I want to attract. I fell in love with her work, designs and layout for my branding board and once it was all put together on my website and business cards, I can not express my excitement. I was finally excited to hand out business cards to my friends and clients! The second time was a few years later and I wanted to see if I could update my website and brand, not that it needed it at all, I was simply curious. This second time, Kaylyn created the most elegant and beautiful designs that I honestly was struggling to choose because they all met my vision and were beyond my expectations. I can not wait to share what she has done! If you were like me, and had no clue if branding is even a thing you should consider, I promises you, you need to! Your small business or company will go from basic to immaculate with Pirouette Paper! Not only visually, but I have had clients flooding in since she vamped me up. Love, love, LOVE her and can’t rave enough about her talent, vision, patience in working with me, and kickass work ethic! Thank you again, Pirouette Paper!”


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November 24, 2020